The Vaucelleshof is wonderfully situated in the green & open surroundings of the medieval village of Damme.  We are at only 10 minutes from Bruges & from  Knokke.

 The Vaucelleshof used to be an Abbey with about 10 monks living here on a property of 48 ha in the countryside.  The Abbey was dependent from the Cistercian Abbey ‘Vaucelles’ in the North of France.   The main goal of the monks to come here was to build dikes & to protect the land from getting flooded.

The property consists out  of buildings of the 17th, 18th & 19th century, which have al been  carefully restored by the Garnier family and surrounded by a garden purely designed with lots of boxwood.  The result is very romantic & serene.

The property with its facilities is rented out for weddings, parties, photoshoots & seminars.    The exclusivity is garanteed by our limited amount of events a year (we plan max 12 weddings a year from May till October). 

Winter weddings are optionally in December for a white wedding.

There’s always only one event at a time.

You have a free choice of catering, on acceptance by Vaucelleshof.


The Property 

Large booth

  1. Catering kitchen with basic utilities
  2. Showkitchen for the preparation of the plates
  3. Large hall:


240 persons for dining

500 people for reception

3 ladies lavatories + 1 lavatory for disabled persons

3 mens lavatories


     4. Closable smaller prolonged hall:


60 people for dining

150 people for reception





50 people for reception

20 people for dining



Courtyard for reception

Large natural pool



Private car parking for 300 cars with red carpet towards the entrance

Parking boys


Technical fiche:

32Ax 380 volt



The Landlord's Room - Deluxe Suite*

Marguerite's Room - Deluxe Suite

The Summer House Room - Junior Suite

Coming soon 2014: 

The Little Room   

Sir Michael's Room 


Facilities : 

Minibar, coffee & tea facilities, flat-screen TV,

Free wireless internet

Customade bedlinen, bathrobe


*The Landlords' Room is a luxury mezzanine room with spa- haman & sauna and large livingroom.

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